Welcome to Entangle!

Redefining Web3 Communication, Scalability & Liquidity
Entangle is the first customizable messaging Infrastructure designed to unify web3 and optimize ecosystem liquidity. Entangle provides builders & dApps authenticated, customizable and interoperable data secured on the blockchain with full security configurability.
Entangle sets the base to optimise liquidity and scale the dominion of any connected application on any blockchain. With customisable data sets available from any chain or source, a plethora of scalable use cases are unlocked for web3 and the internet.
As the first native application, Entangle introduces Liquid Vaults. Powered by the underlying primitive, Liquid Vaults unlocks the composability of yield bearing assets.
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If you encounter any issues or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Entangle team or the community for support via the Entangle Discord channel.
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